Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 6: Recap & Reflect

After 5 evenings n a Saturday morning
of solving mathematical problems,
I did some reflection ...
am I ready to return to my classroom
and be a better teacher of mathematics?

Do I have what it takes
to create a mathematical climate
in my classroom:
allowing students to ask questions,
challenging them to think deeper,
providing concrete materials,
facilitating their learning journeys?
allowing children to collect items from the outdoors,
and to work with them to solve problems.
providing a wide array of concrete materials
for sorting, counting, patterning etc. 

student working alone
in small groups

teacher observing and facilitating
what should I do
to ensure that my students
benefit from being in my class?
what do I hope to achieve?
 Dr Yeap did a quick recap:
1. teach so that children build up intellectual capital, not just so that they can apply
2. teach children to visualize
3. teach children to look for patterns
4. teach number sense
5. teach metacognition (management of thinking)
6. teach metacognition (sharing ideas/strategies/solutions with others)

Re-acquaint with the theories of:


More reminders:
1. Teach number sense but not computational skills
2. Don't let conventions be stumbling blocks, over-riding conceptual knowledge
3. Do not teach key words strategy e.g. "fewer" means that you minus--> this is not always
    the case:
Clare has 3 cookies fewer than Adeline.
Clare has 8 cookies.
How many cookies does Adeline have?
In this instance you add and not minus.

I have found the following video to be very useful and inspiring in understanding how to establish a mathematical environment and how to be a teacher of mathematics.
Video: "How to teach Maths as a Social activity"

Khob khun ka Dr Yeap!
Thank you for challenging me and
 facilitating my learning journey
for the past 6 sessions.
The fear that used to grip me is gone;
the embarrassment is no longer an issue.
I now view maths
and the teaching of maths
from an enlightened perspective.
Terima kasih!
Toh Xia!
from a very grateful heart,
Oh, this is not over yet ....
there's group assignment and individual assignment to complete.   

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