Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 2: Teaching Whole Numbers

Methods of Instruction

Teachers and parents alike must be mindful of the ways we teach Maths to young children:

1. Modelling (NOT explaining)                       I DO
2. Scaffolding (but not being child's clutch)   WE DO
3. Allow child to work independently             YOU DO

Maria Montessori reminds us that....

Q: Why can't my K2 daughter count?

There are 4 reasons why children cannot count:

1. they cannot classify or sort (pre-numeracy skill)
2. they cannot rote count
3. they cannot do one-to-one correspondence
4. they do not have the conceptual understanding of cardinal numbers i.e. the last number
    uttered represent the size of the objects e.g. child counts 1-2-3-4-5 pens. When asked 
    how many pens there are, the child should be able to say "5" (the last number uttered)

What these children need is opportunities to "play" (count) with concrete materials, supported by adults before they are left to work independently.

Problem 7: Making 10 Method

Every young child should use the 10-frame.

How many ways are there to make 10?
Counting in 10s, in 5s, counting on ...


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